There are a variety of classic ebooks that are available for free to be used on your new electronic reading device. bks2Many of these ebooks are in public domain which makes them available for downloading onto your device. Whether you are interested in the works of Shakespeare, Dickens, Twain, or Dostoevsky, there should be a classic ebook that will fit your reading desires. This article will highlight three popular classic ebooks that are available for downloading onto your electronic reading device.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is one of the most popular and widely published classics. The novel written in 1884 is one of many classics by Mark Twain available in the ebook format. The story told in first person vernacular format revolves around the adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the best friend of Tom Sawyer. Sawyer was the main character in another one of Twain’s novels. The ebook highlights the adventures of the Finn and Jim, the runaway slave, as they travel down the Mississippi River encountering various adventures and escapades. The book is also noted for the controversy that it has received over years due to the colorful and oftentimes racist language used in the novel.

The Picture of Dorian Gray is a gothic horror novel written in 1890 by Oscar Wilde. This classic novel is available as a free ebook and it details the life of a young man, Dorian Gray, who is the subject of a painting. Response to the painting by the artist and others lead Dorian to sell his soul so that the painting would age instead of him. Whenever Dorian commits a debauched act, the painting changes to display his disfigured face as an indication of his sin.

Another great classic novel available as an ebook is Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) by George Orwell. This landmark novel was published in 1949 and is about a dystopian society where the government controlled thought and citizens’ rights. 1984 brought forth the concepts of Big Brother, Newspeak, doublethink, and other terms that derived from totalitarianism. Set in the year 1984, the novel details the life of the protagonist in a post-atomic war world where the Party rules the current society and how he deals with the propaganda, imprisonment, torture, and re-education the thought police.

These classic books are just a sampling of the many ebooks available in public domain to be used with the current electronic reading devices.