Electronic books have become a highly sought after necessity in modern society. nookCountless books can now be read on an electronic book platform, also known as an e-book reader. As many people have now incorporated these e-readers into their daily lives they are often left wondering which e-reader is the best and most powerful one for the money. There are three main contenders in the electronic book platform world: Sony, Nook, and the Kindle. Each of these display vast differences in cost and technological capabilities that may make it easier for people to choose which one is more likely to suit their particular needs.
The most recent e-reader to be released by Sony is the Sony Reader PRS-700. With a 512 MB memory capacity this e-reader is at the bottom of the pack as far as the amount of books that it can hold. The maximum amount of books that the PRS-700 can hold is only 350. The $400 price tag of this e-reader makes it around $50 more expensive than both the Kindle 2 and the forthcoming Nook. One would think that with having a higher price tag there would be much more power and ease of usability however this is not the case. The PRS-700 does not have any wi-fi capability. The only way that it can connect to the internet is through its USB port to an internet connected computer.
Amazon has recently released the lightweight Kindle 2. The Kindle 2 has the ability to hold up to one and a half thousand books. Like the PRS-700, there is no room for expansion to add new e-books in the future. Unlike the Nook and the PRS-700, it does not have a touch screen. However, one useful attribute that the Kindle 2 does have is that it has the capability to read a book out loud. It is easy to upload files to as it supports multiple formats for e-books to be transferred from such as PDF, MP3 and HTML files.
Although the Nook is not due to be released until sometime in November it is already a highly anticipated and sought after item. It has an effortless full color navigational touch screen. In addition, the Nook has an almost unlimited Micro SD expansion port in which up to 75,000 e-books can be uploaded. It has wi-fi capabilities as well as free wi-fi at all Barnes and Noble stores nationwide. The basic Barnes and Noble Nook comes with the capability to hold up to 2 gigabytes with of memory however it can be expanded up to 16 gigabytes. This seems simply incomparable to the 512 MB of the PRS-700 or the 2GB of the Kindle 2. The only major downside to the Nook is that it does not offer the text to speech capability that the Kindle 2 does.
Overall, each of these e-readers appear to have their own advantages and disadvantages. The Kindle 2 is very popular however the yet to be released Nook seems to be taking the world by storm. The PRS-700’s small memory size seems to be putting at the back of the pack only to be overtaken by those with larger memories and wi-fi capabilities. With all of the rapid advancements in technology that are occurring almost daily these e-readers will soon become an necessity of life.