This company publishes anything that comes in, and as its original name indicates, it reaches out to a market of unpublished writers. The company garnered a lot of negative material on the web due to their over dependence on hype when they were 1st Books.¬†But now that they’ve become AuthorHouse, they seem more circumspect. In fact, it’s almost impossible to find out anything from their new website. Their contract, however, is explicit: They offer copyediting services but take no responsibility under contract for the work that their editors do. Royalties are paid quarterly, but it’s impossible to find out how much these are without calling. Their contract states that prices and royalties are determined by using their Book Pricing Agreement.¬†However, although all their agreements are available on their web site, this one is strangely missing. Given their past, their current contract, and the purposeful lack of information, I haven’t much confidence in AuthorHouse’s integrity.

In Summary:

On the plus side:

-Non exclusive contract

On the negative side:

-Prices high

-Important information withheld

-Contract disclaims almost all responsibility

-Many complaints appear online