ebkYou can publish your ebook from start to finish. To start with, you need to write your book. I write mine using the Word format because it’s simple and well-known. You are done when your book has an ISBN and is available for sale at one of the big online book stores or even sitting on brick and mortar bookstore shelves.

Write your book! So many people have a book in their head and it will not sell that way. After you’ve written the book, spell check it and grammar check it. Ask your reading friends to edit it as well. While you’re at it, ask them to review it so that you may include the best one or two on your back cover. Reviews will come in handy when you’re selling the completed product.

Images will enhance written word. These can be purchased at stock photography agencies. Read the fine print. You’ll need to know what proper image usage would entail. For example, one agency might allow you to use a single image purchase up to 50,000 times. After that, you’d have to pay them a certain amount for subsequent book printings.

If you need a format or template to complete your book, think about it. You can write it as a timeline in the sequence that events occurred, or look at the content once you have written your outline for the book and consider another logical sequence.

Convert whatever format you use to write the book into a PDF file. There are free downloads that can help you do this. There is also a popular self-publishing book company who will convert it for free online. Actually, you do the converting. Download the freshly created file and secure an ISBN. This will cost you some. The company I allude to here will do it for you at a nominal cost, or you can do it yourself. It’s a hassle. It’s much better to pay someone to do it for you.

Create a cover. Google book, template and download. Photoshop is the best software to use for this. You might have to experiment with different book sizes. If you aren’t graphically inclined, you can hire a graphics company to do this for you.

Now, take your PDF file, your cover and your ISBN and you’re ready to start selling!

The advantage to self-publishing is that you can get the book from your head to a bookstore in a much quicker fashion. And it’s fun.