This company is a printer. Like most other POD publishers, they have no editorial standards and will print anything. Infinity charges $499 to set up a book, but this does not include formatting (typesetting), and distribution through Ingram costs an additional $95. They sell marketing plans consisting of post cards, bookmarks, posters and the like for the author to mail out, along with copies of self-help books that explain promotion. 

Their royalties are straightforward: 20% of list for books sold through their website and 10% of list for books sold through third parties. 10% of list is comparable to 50% of net offered by some publishers, but 20% of list on direct sales is a little on the low side. Author prices, on the other hand, are high since Infinity offers a 50% discount on orders (40% on all but the first order, but they pay a 10% royalty so it evens out). There are no price breaks for larger quantities.

They offer returnability but this is through Infinity itself for orders placed through them. They do not offer returnability through Ingram. Since most bookseller orders come through Ingram, this is not comparable to returnability offered by other PODs.

In Summary:

On the plus side:

-Non-exclusive contract

-Reasonable cost

On the negative side:

-Will print anything

-You have to format your book (or pay someone to do it)

-Returnability is limited

-No press releases or other marketing tools

-Distribution is extra

-No price breaks on quantities