One of the newest sensations in the world is eBooks. They are books that are in digital format. lawThese eBooks are not meant to replace traditional paper books but provide a different reading option for people who also enjoy technology. They offer a new dimension to the written word. They are distributed much more easily than traditional books. These eBooks are ordered online and are delivered electronically to your computer. There are no shipping charges so you save money. They also have some features that a paper book does not have. You get instantaneous delivery, can add digital bookmarks, and change the text size to suit your eyesight, carry them with you on your Smartphone or PDA. You can search through them for a specific topic, word or phrase and you are helping the environment by not using paper or packaging. One last advantage especially if you are a student and will be carrying a bunch of heavy textbooks is that you will save space and your back by using eBooks.
All of the major retailers that sell eBooks sell law eBooks in some form. There are numerous web sites that sell them. Some of the larger sites have eBooks on legal subjects such as torts, taxation, estates, trusts, bankruptcy, business, human rights and general law topics. Prices for a law eBook range from several dollars upwards to about one hundred. This is much the same as prices for the books in the written form. There are also many web sites that offer free eBooks on many topics.
There are FREE eBooks available on a variety of law subjects. These include administrative law, constitutional law, family and health law. Some examples of topics available under family and health law include child advocacy, malpractice, marriage and the right to die. Topics in the administrative law category include land use, urban state and local government, civil emigration and Immigration law. On the topic of business law topics available for free include bankruptcy, construction law, corporate law, franchising and property law.
The bottom line on law eBooks and eBooks in general is that they are good for the environment, easy to read, easy to order, offer almost instantaneous delivery and save you the trouble of toting heavy oversized books around. They fit in your eBook reader or Smartphone and these are about the size of the traditional thin paperback book.