If a person becomes injured as a direct result of negligence on the part of another individual or company they may have a legitimate legal claim and should immediately seek the advice of an experienced attorney specializing in personal injury cases. They should never speak with the insurance company or an attorney representing the negligent individual or company.
Personal Injury cases are routinely the heaviest defended cases within the court systems and in an attempt to save themselves a considerable amount of money in legal fees and payoffs insurance companies will quickly contact an individual seeking a claim in hopes of opening a line of communication prior to the injured individual obtaining an attorney. It is in their best interest that they can convince the injured individual to accept a small settlement in exchange for exonerating them or their client from any further expenses that may occur as a result of the injury. Which essentially means the victim will then become responsible for future medical bills and will also be unable to recover any further compensation such as lost wages while recovering or taking time off for doctor’s appointments, etc.
It will be an almost certainty that without proper legal counsel on the victims side that they will surely be unable to collect a sufficient amount of financial compensation to cover current costs as well as any future expenses that may occur. It is this aspect so many victims fail to consider when going it alone and trying to work out a settlement with an extremely well trained and highly experienced attorney or insurance agent whose sole purpose to convince them that the offered settlement is more than enough to cover all expenses or make them feel as though they’re lucky to be receiving any offer at all!
This is the absolute worst possible thing the victim of a personal injury could do as many become so concentrated on the bills they have now they typically dismiss the possibility that they may experience complications as a result of their current injury and require the need for further hospital visits and even more lost wages. This is exactly what the insurance company and defendant’s attorney are trying to avoid being held responsible for.
By hiring an attorney to represent them the injured victim will have their own well trained and extremely experienced advocate speaking on their behalf. It is highly unlikely that the insurance company or defendant’s attorney will be as apt to try and take advantage of the victim if represented by an attorney specializing in personal injury cases. Anyone suffering an injury and feel they as though they may have a legitimate case, or if they aren’t really sure and would like the advice of an experienced attorney should immediately contact one.

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