While we love to talk about ebooks and how they are overtaking the print medium in sales these days, but sometimes it is hard not to want something in your hands, something you can touch, turn, browse and tear pages out of for ideas. Magazines are great at this. As much as I enjoy reading CNN on my computer screen or ipad, these mediums aren’t the best choice when sitting outside by the pool or just to eat sloppy bbq over. Trust me, I have spilled sauce and drinks more than once on my fancy tablet and had to quickly scramble to wipe it off for fear of losing that highly coveted computer.

But, for me I truly appreciate the tactile feel of magazines, from turning the pages to tearing out a picture, and even the smell of the freshly minted ink. Maybe its because I grew up reading them in a simpler time without computers in every room of the house, maybe its because I enjoy being able to roll the magazine up and pop it under my arm for ease or use or swat a fly if need be. What ever the attraction, magazines always have had more appeal to me than a digital tablet reader for a casual, quick read. So I buy them for the joy of having them. Not to be uber hip.

As a male who is interested in technology and construction I tend to buy magazines with those topics. From the latest PCs to woodworking I can be voracious in my consumption of knowledge and latest gadgets. So the logical thing for me a is to sign up for a few¬†magazine subscriptions. It takes all the effort out of buying the magazines and getting them to my doorstep. As long as the mail comes every day, I get my magazines in the mail. Lets just hope the US post office doesn’t close up shop any time soon.

Some of my favorite are how to magazines where I can see how to build things and see what the latest products used to build them are. I can study up on deck construction and learn about the latest decking materials. I also like to read up on kitchen and bath remodeling ideas to stay up with the latest trends in flooring, countertops and appliances.

In the technology arena, thanks to magazines,¬† I don’t have to worry about falling behind the curve on the latest Intel processor or Apple’s newest handheld gadget. All at my finger tips, no electricity required and perfect to take on a plane with you. No worries about sitting on the tablet when you have forgotten it is in the drivers seat under your newspaper after a long day, or dropping it as you dig for your keys to open the front door. Magazines truly are the most affordable and convenient medium to keep with your favorite topic. If you have never bothered to get a subscription I highly recommend you try one today.


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