Today many books are accessible online for download in the form of e-books. Google E-Books has undertaken the awesome task of scanning public domain books into e-book form. They have numerous titles available for online viewing or downloading to your computer or portable device such as I-Phone or Kindle. There is a wide range of e-books covering practically every subject.

There are fiction and non-fiction e-books online that can be downloaded. A search online for free e-book downloads will locate thousands of e-books for downloading. Colleges and universities are now starting to convert printed text books into e-books. Many sources online carry new books for sale as e-books. Not only do you save on the price of the book, but you save on shipping and handling or driving to the bookstore.

By buying e-books for school, the price of the required texts would be much less expensive. It is estimated that students would save approximately 50% of the price of printed text. With the price of textbooks being so high and the buyback price being so low, this would be a great advantage. It would also eliminate the need to lug heavy textbooks from class to class or having to try and get to a locker in order to get the books for the next class.

Another positive effect of buying e-books rather than text books is the saving of trees that are necessary to make the books. This would help everyone in the effort to go green. With the current trend to go green, buying e-books is something that everyone could do. With the savings on the price of the e-books, more books can be bought. Google is one of the online companies that are working hard to make as many books as possible available to the public.

E-books take up little room on the computer or portable device. Up to 200 e-books can be carried on a portable device such as the Kindle. I-Phone can even carry books around to be read. Both the Kindle and the I-Phone have a screen large enough to comfortably read text.

Imagine replacing all the books on the bookshelf with a single compact disc. With today’s technology that is happening all over the world. People can take their favorite books with them anywhere they go without having to lug heavy books around. Favorite novels can be loaded onto a variety of portable devices and can even be read in the dark. With the world being such a fluid place the portability of e-books and portable devices are finding more and more favor.