Rose Dog is owned by Dorrance Publishing, a subsidy publisher. Rose Dog is expensive, charging a lot more than most POD publishers: $1400 for basic publishing services (not including distribution, marketing packages and copyediting). They do have a marketing package for $2400 which includes the mailing of promotional pieces to about 300 addresses and sending out 25 review copies of the books. They do provide proofreading services (which they call copyediting) at $2.50 per page plus a fee of $25.

Rose Dog takes anything that comes in, maintaining no editorial standards. In addition, their books are priced significantly higher than books of the same type and page number found in bookstores and through certain other POD companies. They provide a 40% discount to booksellers, and their royalty is 20% of the wholesale cost, which means a $20 book would generate a royalty of $2.40 (20% of $12).

Some of the key points in the contract include:

The author’s discount is set at 40% of retail, and because the retail prices are high, the cost of books to the author is also going to be high.

Distribution is through them, not through Ingram. This means that the books will not automatically go up on websites like Amazon or be available in bookstores. This makes promotion difficult because there will be little availability.

In Summary:

On the plus side:
-Non-exclusive contract.
-Copyediting available (really proofreading).

-Custom publishing service available (cost: $1400)

On the negative side:

-Services are expensive

-High retail prices on books
-Publishes anything
-Author’s discount is low and is based on high retail pricing.

-No flexibility in their packages

-No returnability option through Ingram or other distributor