Ebooks Future

Technology is always advancing and as it moves forward one industry after another is being revolutionized. Those that resist change are left by the roadside licking their wounds. The publishing industry is no exception to this rule. For centuries the printed word has been man’s primary means of communication. From simple newsletters to whole novels. We have been informed and moved by these words. But, in a world where consumption has given us pause, technology is starting to fill the gap. No longer are we limited to carrying one book in our bags and bookmarking our last page, we now have technology which allows us to carry dozens of books and pick up reading at the drop of a hat and order a new book even quicker without even leaving our bedroom. This is all accomplished with ebooks and reading devices such as the Kindle, Ipad or the Nook. Ebooks are finally coming into their own and are making a splash. This will revolutionize the production, distribution and marketing of books the same way it has the music and movie industries.

Ebooks overtook print sales last year at Amazon and they have even introduced a publishing market for entrepreneurial authors who want to publish books directly to Amazon’s book store. No old fashioned publisher needs to be involved.  Further changing the way this business runs. Even college textbooks are getting in on the act with ebooks that cost less and do more.